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Weekly News – 22 Nov 2009 through 28 Nov 2009

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New format that is slightly faster to generate.  I’ve also moved all the links surveys to a single blog to avoid polluting the other entries at BlackBerryFish.  This blog will be mostly used for archival/reference purposes.

See Companion Highlights and Analysis

BlackBerry Devices and Software

Extra Links in BB Dev Conf

BlackBerry Official Sites!
Revisited them… quite improved

iPhone and Apple

Android and Google

Other Industry


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Weekly News – 15 Nov 2009 through 21 Nov 2009

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Droid Reviews

Devices Reviews

BB News


The Apple App Store is Broken
This topic deserves more commentary – I’ll try to do a separate post

More Apple News

Analysts! – If you don’t like what one tells, you, choose another

Market Trends

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Weekly News – 8 Nov 2009 through 14 Nov 2009

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BlackBerry Developers Conference

BB Software, Applications, Sites

BB Devices

Other Devices

Droid Reactions


Google Gobbles up

Adoption and Business

SocialNetworks Everywhere

And More

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Weekly News – 1/Nov/09 through 7/Nov/09

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RIM Applications, AppWorld, Stores, and Apps

Latest BBerries

More on App Stores

iPhone and Apple

eReaders and NetBooks

Other News – Quality of Service…

Business Trends

The Attack of the Droids and Androids – see Separate Post.

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Weekly News – 25/Oct/09 through 31/Oct/09

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News and Links for week from Sunday, Oct 25th through Saturday, Oct 31st

Apps and BOS

BlackBerry Device and Other News

Trends – eReaders Galore

Trends – Droids Everywhere…

Trends – Google’s Leverage points

iPhone News


  • Where is the BOS 5.0 for my Verizon Tour?  I really want to try BBM 5 in its native environment.  And see if annoying restrictions in my current BOS go away (why do I have to reboot every time I archive an app?!!)
  • Where is the forum for BB’s AppWorld?
  • Actually, where are the forums for any of the BB’s apps?

New Discoveries – Web Signals And “Other BB Advanced Features”

And More

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Weekly News – Oct 18th, 2009

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Sunday, 18 to Saturday, 24


Storm 2

  • Tail-end of Storm2 reviews (WashingtonPost) (G)
  • Storm 2 wih “MiFi” (WiFi) (G)

Bold 2 and Curve 8530


Newer BIS, BOS, et al..

RIM is improving its marketing and story

Mobile Everywhere (Google and Apple at the center)

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Weekly News – Oct 11th, 2009

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  • Sidekick data is lost (Giz, ComputerWorld, PCWorldWashingtonPost). This may have significant implications for T-Mobile, MS, and maybe even for Cloud acceptance.  At the least we all will pay more attention to our backups; at least for a while 😦
  • I was curious so did a quick check on Alexa rankings
    • Gizmodo #788, Engadget #572, BoyGeniusReport: #8,462, crackberry: #1,871, BerryReview: #20,286.
    • Apple: #55, Blackberry: #835, Android #7,951
    • NYtimes:
    • Top
      1. Google – up
      2. Facebook – still up!
      3. Yahoo – down
      4. YouTube – up
      5. Live (but direct to bing is #21) – stable?
      6. Wikipedia – up
      7. Blogger – down a bit.  blogging stabilizing? somewhere else?
      8. MSN
      9. Baidu – down (I’m surprised.  searches going to?)
      10. Yahoo Japan – stable for a bit, now up.
      11. MySpace – down, down
      12. Google india
      13. twitter – stabilizing
      14. Google germany
      15. Microsoft
      16. QQ (china IM, expanding into other things) – dropping
      17. WordPress – down, now back up
    • is now #2,399 and ramping very steeply up, although I liked the old format much better.
  • Report on ATT woes are data, not infrastructure (TelephonyOnline) [BB are (a bit? a lot?) less data-hungry]
  • TMobile Project Dark (BGR).  Trying to become #3 carrier. From FierceWireles: Verizon (87M), ATT (79M), Sprint (47M), TMobile (33M).


  • BB JDE 5.0 beta 4 is now out (BR)
  • Moto moving away from LiMo; getting closer to Android? (EG)


  • T-Mobile to compensate Sidekick users (PCW). A lesson for all of us.
  • GSM Palm-Pre starts in Germany (EG)
  • Experiments in iPhone UI by Ocean Observations (youTube, home).  It looks nice.  Multi-gestures are not the fastest UI but they can be very intuitive.
  • Barnes and Noble “Major Event” (G).  We forget the role that the B&M companies can play in the new net.  B&N, BestBuy, … others?
  • GelaSkins for different devices, including BBs (website)
  • New Apps to try
    • (CB) – yet to try
    • (CB) – useful but font is too small (and can’t be changed), looks unfinished
  • T-Mobile has “free phones” for BB developers (BR)
  • More bold (9700) launch rumors on ATT (BGR). And Storm2 on Vodaphone (BGR).  Too many to track; I’ll stop doing it unless a really important one shows up.
  • And Bell Canada adds iPhone (already had Palm Pre and BB Bold (BGR).
  • New look/logo for BB on “consumer-friendly” sites?  Together with new visuals?  Less black, more colors.  See devices, and this “Love the Journey” image and “Love what you do” at top page.  This is good.  Finally getting serious about consumer market.


  • Nice review of RIM/BBs at NYTimes.  Quite positive overall.  Getting ready for Storm2 launch any day now.
  • Reports about JailBreak-resistant iPhone (BGR, ElReg, PCWorld).  I’m surprised nobody points out that there are two separate issues; one is Apple’s desire to control distribution channel; the other is integrity of the phone and the ability to wipe it out if needed.   The first is just $$s for Apple.  The second is a need by security-conscious customers (like the goverment).  BBerries do a good job in separating the two issues.
  • iPhone Apps: printing directly to printer (PC).  BBs need to make this type of Apps very cheap by manufacturers.
  • Multiple Screens: B&N’s eReader (CNet).  Rumored to be using Android.  How big a disadvantage does RIM have if they don’t have a foot on those other screens?  iPhones/Androids/java/javafx/windows can.  Ditto about netbooks, like the  Nokia Booklet 3G (ChipChick).
  • How to upgrade a BBOS (BR, CB).  Upgrading in general is quite confusing to newbies, see comments at CB.
  • Peer-to-peer WiFi (PCWorld).  About time!  Why did it take so long?  Vendor politics?
  • BB Developer Resources… found!
  • BB using JIRA!  (use my DevZone id!)
  • Mobile Application Design Considerations for Java Developers (link)  Tuesday 20th, 2pm PT.
  • Cliq review at Gizmodo.  So-so




  • Droid attack @ Verizon (Engadget)  (Engadget2) This is sooner than I was expecting.
  • Funny that Gizmodo defends Apple. Not sure why, but Gizmodo is very pro-iPhone.  You would expect them to try to play a bit more neutral.
  • Pre at Verizon next year (BGR)
  • In-App Store Purchases (eWeek) (Engadget)

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