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Weekly News – Oct 4th, 2009

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  • News about BlackBerry and related topics in the week of October 4th, 2009


  • Vonage writing VoIP Apps for BlackBerry and iPhone (BusinessWeek, Reuters). The BB version automatically chooses WiFi or Data plan. Now Available (CB)
  • Adobe to add Flash for BB and many others – but not iPhone (ReadWriteWeb, CNet).  Adobe’s tools will export to Flash and native iPhone (PCMag).
  • SmartPhone Apps: Kid-Finder, Augmented Reality.  The challenge for the BB is to get developers to write these at least as fast as for the iPhone.
  • Best Buy mIQ Live (BerryReview).  Wow!  I was not expecting it from these guys but clearly SmartPhones are now mainstream.  I don’t see iPhone in the list (not unexpectedly!) .  This is very interesting.  Does this mean that Wal-Mart and the others will follow soon?  These guys are big, they can change things.  Dashwire is the technology company behind the site and it seems quite solid.


  • I need a few goodies for my BB. This is a pocket battery which is not my top priority – a nightly charger that does not use the USB port – but may be worth getting.  It should work also for the iPod touches we have at home.
  • A top-10 Apps from BR. Need to collect more of those.
  • More links on Apps: Tivo@InsideBB, Slacker@MyBB, FaceBook@MyBB
  • Verizon and Google to work together to bring Android phones to the Verizon network (ZDNet).  More market pressure on RIM to deliver improved BBs.  Analyst Press Conference from BusinessWeek.
  • Typical analyst fare: RIM is downgraded and upgraded.
  • The Widget SDK is here.  Good!  Now get the developers on board! (PR, RIMarkable, SDK link – nothing at the official blogs!)
  • Mobile Voice System from T-Mobile and RIM (CIO).  This can generate good revenue and it is one more sticky offering.


  • BB Messenger 5.0 is supposed to come out today (RIMarkable).
  • DoubleTwise App (now connected to Amazon MP3 store) (TechCrunch) – I still need to try it on my Tour.
  • Some outbound marketing of the Widgets SDK (CB).
  • Remote bricking / wipeout of BB  via e-GPS (CB).
  • RIM refines the Alliance Program to incorporate feedback from Small Developers  (BR).
  • BBM 5.0 is out (BR, CB).  I’m going to wait a bit before trying it, but, IIUC how it works, it seems to me RIM could improve its viral adoption properties if it allowed it to interact w/ non BB users; with reduced functionality (slower, no images, limited text size), but working.
  • Adoption links from Gartner and Canalys.  It’s interesting how Apple gets all the buzz and RIM is unrecognized.


  • More articles on BBM 5.0: Features and Why Upgrade?@BR; The Definitive Guide to BBM 5.0 @CB;
  • WordPress for BB getting closer to 1.0 (CB).
  • (Wednesday) ATT allows VoIP (PR) and Apple and Skype are jumping on it (PR).  Will the BB skype client do the same? (BR).
  • JD Powers survey on Smartphones (and dumb phones) (Gizmodo).  Similar to that of CTI; iPhone is top;  LG is actual #2, but BBerry is close by.
  • Intersting study of how different browsers leverage Webkit (Gizmodo).
  • QR Code at Wikipedia, and a QR Code creator i-nigma.
    • Plenty of readers for the Symbian phones, or the Android…
    • And for a bunch of BBs, just not the Tour.  Thread at RIMarkable on readers
    • Supposedly I can use BBM 5.0 but I think I’ll wait until when I can upgrade to BBOS 5


  • ElReg on the new models for the mobile world (ElReg)


  • Average price for BB apps compared to iPhone and Android (BR).   Hard to interpret w/o more data; it could be that the apps are better, or that they are priced higher. Original report is at Distimo.
  • Noises about Strong 2 next week (BBC, BGR and everywhere).  Mostly everybody was unhappy with the Storm (1)… RIM better get it right this time (FWIW, I love the Tour hardware). And Bold2 in November (BGR).
    • I must say all these variations on a device x carrier x OS make the whole developer story harder to get through.  Get to one (or max 2) versions of the OS asap!
  • BGR on BBM 5.0, I really want to try it out; I still don’t know if I can use BBM as a universal IM/SMS client – it would make sense to me, but…

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Weekly News – Sept 27th, 2009

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News Highlights for week of September 27th, 2009 (running entry).

Added new sites to track

Added BerryReview to my list of sites I’m tracking, surely more to come…

Impatica viaDoc – PC/Mac to BBerry (link)

I was hoping ths type of thing would also be (eventually?) included in the BBerrry Desktop Manager.  Am I misguided?

BBerry Innovation Forum in Europe (link)

Madrid, Paris, London, Frankfurt

The Competition – CNN App for iPhone (link)

Looks nice.  BBerry is in a race against time… it needs Apps (and a browser, and a cleaner App Store story, and an easier ramp-up for new users, and…)

NiceOffice – Free “Alternative” to BES (link)

Need to check it out.  WebsiteBerryReview, App@BBAW

Another option is UpVise, see website, BerryReview, App@BBAW,

BlackBerry Desktop Manager for MacOS X is now available (link)

So, so.  had several problems with usability and the websites seem to record a significant number of issues.

Explaining BB’s Security Model (link)

Worth a read.  Part of the area that RIM needs to improve is to explain the difference between what the enterprise and the consumer users see.  Also, the challenges of these two types of users are different, and so are their needs, ties to BBs, etc.

Also see Enterprise IT Policy.  There are promises of more posts.  The whole series of DEV posts are beginning to be quite useful; they still feel a bit too “corporate” for my liking, but good beginning!

Consumer Satisfaction Index for Smartphones (link)

Probably the most interesting survey I’ve read in quite a while (see original report; it requires registration).  There are a few questions that I wish they had asked – for example WiFi/broadband use and keyboard/touch screen – but, overall, very good.

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Weekly News – Sept 20th, 2009

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News Highlights for week of September 20th, 2009.

(Leaked) OS 5 for BB Tour (link)

It seems that (controlled?) leaks are a standard way to deliver alphas/betas?  Anyhow, I can’t try it on my tour because upgrading the OS seems to rely on having the BB desktop manager and the MacOS X version is not yet ready (actually, it is available as a leak, but I’m conservative/busy/been burned before, so I wait…).

YouTube App for BB Storm (link)

One of the main missing apps.  Hopefully will get to the Tour quickly too.

Google Pushes Gmail to Mobile Devices (link)

Interesting that most of the articles covering this do not mention that BBerry’s have had it for quite a while.  Not sure what that means… lack of adoption by BBerry?  bias in the reporters?  ignorance of reporters?

1400 iPod Apps Approved on Friday Alone (link)

But still awaiting for the few that people really want, like netflix, gVoice, etc..

More Leaks – BB 9700 (link)

My Tour’s trackball has not yet failed (knock on wood) but everybody seems to like the trackpad better.  Oh well, I didn’t want to wait.  More than anything else I want my Desktop for the Mac and 5.0.  And a browser that is as good as that in the iPhone but that may take a bit.

MyBlackBerry (link)

Nice. Finally.  Need to look more carefully

Profits down (link)

Ouch! But the WSJ has a more balanced article. Also see Electronista. Harder questions regard long-term market pressure, like Reuters.

BlackBerry Desktop Manager for MacOS X –

Almost there; see closer look from the official BB blogs team.

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